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Intel-A-Jib LITE - PN 377730-kit

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Quick Overview

The LITE version of the industry proven Intel-A-Jib offers the same detail in construction and performance of the original, larger version only in a smaller, more compact package. The Intel-A-Jib LITE mounts on a 100mm bowl tripod and the duck bill will accommodate a wide variety of camera mounts.

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Product Name Part # Price Qty
Intel-A-Jib LITE 377730-kit
Undersling LITE B377704

Additional Information

Part Number PN 377730-kit
Weight 45.0000


New from Matthews, the Intel-A-Jib LITE answers the shooters request for a sturdy, lightweight, high performance jib arm. The beam is built from extruded X-Box aluminum which offers superior anti-deflection and anti-torsion properties.

Designed specifically for he Intel-A-Jib LITE, the very simplistic UnderSling LITE allows the operator to work freely under the jib arm from absolute ground level to up as high as one can reach without any obstruction from the arm itself. The UnderSling LITE comes standard with various 1/4" and 3/8" tapped holes for mounting monitors and other small camera accessories. By releasing the large black handle, the user can easily flip and lock the camera upside-down or in any direction within 360 degrees. Two simple pressure knobs allow for easy pan friction adjustment and of course, you can pan/tilt directly from your fluid head if needed. The system has very little moving parts and just like the other Intel-A-Jib products, the UnderSling LITE is simple and sets up in two minutes without tools.


Dimensions: Full Stick 96" (244cm) & Short Stick 52" (132cm)
Length from Fulcrum to weight bar: 32" (81cm)
Overall System Length, End to End @ Full Stick: 132" (335cm)
Max Height when tripod is at 31" (79cm): 100" (254cm)
Working Diameter on the Horizontal: 192" (488cm)
Maximum Load Capacity: Full Stick: 20 lbs (9kg) & Short Stick: 45lbs (20Kg)
System Weight: 45 lbs (20kg) in case
Tripod Requirements: 100mm bowl, 100lb (45kg) minimum payload

- 2.0" x 1.5" X Box Extrusion offers superior anti-deflection and anti-torsion properties, resulting in a light-weight jib with great load capacity and smooth operation
- 4130 Chromoly Tubing Connectors for quick assembly and increased beam strength
- Ball bearings within the fulcrum for smooth panning operation
- Levels on both the spoonbill and fulcrum for easy reference
- Easy-slide weight for precise balance
- Sets up in two minutes or less without tools
- Spoon Bill adapter 75mm/100mm included
- Counterweight not included

377730-kit Intel-A-Jib LITE List Price: $3300

B377704 UnderSling LITE LIst Price: $1000

Intel-A-Jib & Intel-A-Jib LITE exclusively distributed by Matthews Studio Equipemnt, Inc.