Welcome to Matthews Studio Equipment

The FloatCam DC and HD DC-Slider multi-function camera support products have created a great deal of interest in the industry and the Matthews website. So, to avoid any further "traffic jams" we shall streamline MSE's Super Highway and give these unique products their own "home." The buzz started in April 2011 when Matthews introduced the DC-Slider to the imaging community at NAB. Not only did the DC-Slider win two technical achievement awards, we also sold out the first three months production during the Expo. Since then it has been a challenge to keep up with the industry demand and introduce new additions to the original product line.


To increase the value, scope and range of this unique piece of equipment we introduced a Motion Control System that raises the DC-Slider to a whole new level of creativity. The Motion Control System is supporting everyone from one man band productions to complicated, high-end productions with awesome, multi-repetitive moves. As industry acceptance grew about what the DC-Slider could do for lighter weight cameras, the industry asked for a product that would support newer, heavier cameras like the ALEXA and others. Enter the Heavy Duty version of FloatCam's DC-Slider - the HD DC-Slider.

As the exclusive distributor for the FloatCam family of products for North America, Latin America and Asia, Matthews has made a conscious effort to bring the DC and HD DC-Sliders to trade shows and exhibitions for hands-on demonstrations. We greatly enjoy the Expo experience and the opportunity of meeting and demonstrating these products. But, we realize that not everyone has had the opportunity of checking the DC and HD DC-Sliders in person or even fully realize just what contributions this unique system can offer creative minds. So, we've done the next best thing - we have taken advantage of today's "must-have" internet access to offer you all that we can collect to inform you about these products.

We welcome you to the DC and HD DC-Slider section of our website and we welcome your questions and comments. Thank you for your interest.