Key Grip Jimi Ryan (Geostorm, Logan, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Deepwater Horizon, The Maze Runner) never buys himself equipment – well, almost never. So, when he saw MSE’s recent Dutti Dolly contest on Instagram he entered – and completely forgot about it. Imaging his surprise when he won one of his favorite pieces of support gear!

Ryan works all over the world on high-profile features and is always taxed to get equipment into some of the strangest places – and under time pressure. He’s learned to rely on MSE’s gear to help him make the impossible possible. If it isn’t the Western Dolly, its MSE’s Square stock corners and ears, or stands, Matthallini clamps and other bits and pieces. Now it’s the Dutti Dolly. And he can’t be more excited.

“Almost every grip out there has learned what’s what from the MSE catalogue,” he says enthusiastically. “I can’t wait to introduce them to Dutti Dolly. It’s something inventor James Saldutti showed me when I was working with him on a movie called Circ Du Freak – and I always wanted one.

“I’ve got so many things that I can use Dutti Dolly for on this major feature I’m on now,” he adds. “It’s just so versatile. It can replace sliders, work on a bar or countertop, be used with or without track. It works as a high hat. You can rig the rails up high and have to head underslung.”

That’s because James Saldutti – who created the Dutti Dolly out of necessity – has filled a need with a piece of equipment that can roll extremely low to the ground at under 2-inches in height, rides on eight inline skate wheels mounted in pairs to the ½” thick aluminum plate. The sleek design allows the operator to do hard whip pans and quick tilts because of its width, length and weight. And, it will roll directly on any smooth surface or can be used with track, on or off stands, over and underslung. It fits into tight spaces such as airplane and bus aisle where conventional dollies cannot fit. It also is great for the long take, stunts or poor man’s process. And the rigging capabilities are endless due to the numerous tapped holes on the dolly board.