(Got to be diplomatic when you request one to make sure actors see “eye to eye” especially in love scenes. By the way, did you know they are commonly referred to as a man-maker, when used this way?) Thanks to Social Media, traditional press traces through Google Search – and specific hit requests, there isn’t much out there that you can’t track down.

Imagine our surprise, when in MSE’s searches – we got strange hits. Pictures of Lebron James’ spot on ESPN standing on our Apple Box. (Now what does he need to be taller for, we ask you?) Then there was Serena Williams fashion shoot. (Really, has the Apple Box become classy now – it get’s it’s own fashion photographer?!) And, when fashion model R’Bonney Nola’s photographer wanted to take a classy approach to her amazing Yoga poses – MSE’s Apple Box provided quite a platform.

It’s been kind of a “Where’s Waldo” thing at MSE. Everyone’s getting into the game. “It’s actually become quite fun, searching for ways people find to use our Apple Boxes,” laughs MSE’s Tyler Phillips. “There’s Apple Box Jenga (which we played at our post Cinegear party back in June), we’ve seen one propping up a table for a Victoria’s Secret Shoot – and so many more industry and non-industry applications.

Yup – MSE’s Apple Boxes are stars in their own right – and they can do just about anything. That’s because, as our users say, it’s their strength and durability that makes the difference. Not only are they crafted of Baltic Burch, they are precisely made and dimensionally correct. You can use them for propping or leveling, sitting out standing. Nail Wall Plates to them to hold low angle lighting fixtures and more.

Oh, and they’re also great to give short people a little boost, when you’re booked into a hotel near a convention – and the beds are just too high to get into!

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