It was supposed to be a low-key equipment show this year?s Cine Gear. That is, until Matthews Studio Equipment premiered their new Round-d-Round Doorway Dolly (DWD). It soon became a race of cinematographers, operators, studio representatives from as far as Japan, and grips of all sorts to use the first new, grip-friendly doorway dolly that had just come off the assembly line.

Matthews introduced the first DWD in the early 1970s. For over 30 years, this hard-working tool has serviced every type of production around the world.

“As production changes, the equipment must stay up-to-date,” says Matthews VP of Sales and Marketing, Robert E. Kulesh. “The new dolly does the same thing?it fits through doorways! With an added extra feature: the all wheel steering allows the industry’s first production-manufactured doorway dolly to take corners in a tighter radius, enabling continuous tight circling of the dolly around a subject and is much more maneuverable in tight quarters.

“As with the original DWD, the Round-d-Round DWD provides a low-cost, easily-maneuvered camera platform as well as a sturdy vehicle to haul equipment across a lot or on location.”

The new Round-d-Round Doorway Dolly will move through a full range of tight curves and will form circles as small as a six-foot diameter using the push bar, the pull bar, or a combination of both.

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