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February 21, 2012

Gomez Takes MSE’s Motion Control System on Road Test

Long time Matthews Studio Equipment customer Director/DP Rick Gomez, of Rick Gomez Photography, a Los Angeles/South Florida-based production house recently took MSE’s new Motion Control System out for a test. He says that the new system takes the DC-Slider, designed and manufactured by Floatcam, to the next level of production support.

“A motor is critical to my work for a variety of reasons,” says Gomez. “I need to be able to plan a move and time it really well. The controller on this system allows me to make quick changes in timing without having to re record the move. I can speed up or slow down the move easily until I am content with the speed.

“I found that, should I need to adjust my timing, the controller on this system lets you try different changes in speed without having to re-record your move.

“The repeatability of certain moves is also important to me,” he adds. “I recently shot a test for a web series I’m about to DP. In this series, one of the main characters also has to play the part of her identical twin sister. To have her in the frame speaking to the twin is not difficult if the camera is locked off. I wanted to ad a camera move during the conversation to make the shot more interesting. I was able to do it easily with the Slider. The motor is consistent enough to do the shot.”

Gomez found that there are several other factors where DC-Slider with the Motion Control System beats other setups. “I can shoot sound,” he says. “It’s that quiet. The power of the motor allows for smoothness and a nice easy ramping. And, it’s so easy to program. It took less than 30 minutes to get comfortable with it.”

Gomez’s also put the combo to the test on a music video. “Here, instead of pulling focus, I used the motor to push in and pull out of focus,” he explains. “Once I set my closest focus point, I was able to sit back and just play with the move all the while knowing that I could always move forward and nail my focus at any time. The camera move is a subtle thing that many people won’t notice but I think it’s really beautiful.”

The DC-Slider, which is a Slider – a Tower – a Jib – and so much more is being used throughout the country on everything from commercials to music videos, features to television production. This unique, precision, counter-balanced, multi-function, variable-angled camera platform that can create far more than a smooth horizontal camera movement will take any camera up to 22-pounds on an exciting ride across, up and down, over and, everywhere else – to get that perfect shot. DC-Slider will be on the floor at NAB 2012.

Making its debut at NAB 2012 will be this complement to the DC-Slider, MSE’s specially designed Motion Control System. The system allows for manual and programmed movements that can be recorded and stored for later use. Each movement can be repeated up to 999 times and extended “time extensions” up to 99 times. MCS features a wide-range of speed settings. Due to the patent pending, precision counter-balance system on the DC-Slider family, only one motor is required for all functions of the motor control.


About Matthews Studio Equipment:

Has been honored with the Presidential “E” Award for outstanding contributions to growing U.S. exports, strengthening the economy and creating American jobs. MSE employs over 70 full-time workers at their Burbank, California facility. MSE equipment is being used on entertainment productions in over 70 countries around the world. MSE recently filled a 53-foot tractor-trailer with Matthews grip equipment and shipped three 40-foot containers with everything from MiniGrips to Super Crank-o-vators to Origo Studios in Budapest, Hungary. And MSE is a main supplier of support equipment for the new UK-based Warner Bros. Studios facility. MSE has also formed a partnership with FLOATCAM, to be the exclusive distributor for the DC-Slider family throughout Asia and the Americas.

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