When William F. White Sr. came to California in the 1960s looking for equipment manufacturers to fill his client’s needs in Canada, he met up with Ed Phillips and company. And the two clicked – personally and professionally.

“According to our Executive CP/COO Paul Roscorla, our company has had a business relationship with MSE for so long that Ed Phillips comes over to his house for family dinners on Sunday nights,” laughs William F. White’s Director of Marketing Lowell Schrieder. “We love MSE! And not just because we received the ‘Matty Award’ at MSE’s 40th Anniversary celebration!

“MSE is an integral brand when it comes to stands and hardware!”

(L-R) CinequipWhite’s Jonathan Stainton and Larry Lavoie
with Lowell Schrieder at CinequipWhite in Toronto

Whites is Canada’s oldest and largest provider of motion picture, television, digital media, and theatrical production equipment, with locations throughout the country – and is also in partnership with Sparks Camera &amp Lighting Ltd, a leading Budapest, Hungary-based provider. And a lot of MSE’s equipment is in every house. In the early days, MSE modified a great deal of equipment to meet the Canadian way of doing things – something that helped Whites grow. Today, however, modifications aren’t necessary – but MSE equipment is.

Whites was the first to bring the Tulip Crane and MAX to Canada. They were also the first to bring the Cam-Remote to their clients for events like Curling.

And MSE equipment is in every William F. White International location – including CinequipWhite in Toronto. “In fact, when we were still known as Cinequip, we were carrying MSE,” says Jonathan Stainton. “We’ve been selling MSE equipment to feature films and television shows as well as independent productions through Canada for over 30 years. They are a strong part of our main lineup of products.

“Their stands are put into almost every one of our custom-made lighting kits, they are the first choice for all of our theatrical installations and they are the most frequently requested stands in the business. MSE products stand up to the harsh environments Canada provides, and they last for years.”

(L-R) CinequipWhite’s Marketing Manager Pam Westwater
with Lowell Schrieder

It might sound like a sales pitch, when Stainton talks about MSE – but it is sincere. He counts MSE as a backbone for all the Whites operations. “With a wide variety of grip equipment; new and innovative products for mounting, rigging and camera support; as well as the most reliable stands we sell; CinequipWhite Inc. looks to no one but MSE for their grip equipment needs.”

“Makes sense,” echoes Schrieder. “MSE has what our clients need. MAX and Vator series and the ‘tried and true’ C-Stands are on most of our jobs. We rent out the MAX Boom quite frequently as well. And we’re really looking forward to the new SKYSCRAPER to be released this year.

“And, it isn’t just the equipment that is important to William F. White International, it’s MSE’s people as well,” Schrieder adds. “The staff, in addition to being fun and friendly, are helpful and responsive to requests which are ‘out of the norm.’ Sometimes we ‘need it yesterday’ and they always work things out in a timely fashion.”

Schrieder also points out that MSE, while being around for too long to mention, is also on the cutting edge – and their ability to help clients understand what they need and how to make the best of the tools is really important. “We all very much enjoy (not to mention learn from) Eddie’s instructional videos on the website! Keep up the good work!” he adds.

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