The VRig from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.

Matthews Studio Equipment is proud to announce the introduction of VRig. The industry’s first professional level camera support system for Virtual Reality (VR) production. Capturing 360 spherical images requires a whole new aesthetic. So why cobble together a support system from parts originally designed for traditional still or motion capture? Well now you no longer have to, VRig was specifically designed to meet the challenges of this new medium. VR camera supports need to be small enough to be painted out in post, yet stable enough to be left alone in varied situations. VRig has a tiny footprint with a low center of gravity Barbell Weight Retainer for stability. There are also stability accessories like a suction Pump Cup for non-porous interior surfaces and a screw-in Auger Spike for exterior locations, helping to anchor the support in place.

At live events the VR camera is front row and center, and needs to minimize its obstruction to the live audience. VRig is equipped with a slim vertical riser and a Black Elastic Leg Skirt for concealing accessories, and integrated mounts for lights and mics to assist rigging while remaining inconspicuous. Its lightweight aluminum construction also includes a rocky mountain leg, brass riser locks and an integrated handle. The system can be reconfigured as a low-angle mount for a car, tabletop, window, lawn, etc. and its ¼”-20, 3/8”, Baby and Junior Pin interfaces integrate with standard grip equipment for custom built rigging. Additional options include a Ball Head with camera plate and a Mini Black Boom arm for positive and negative angle mounting.

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