She’s the voice everyone goes to when they need a certain part or have a question about anything Matthews. She’s calm, concerned, and if she doesn’t have the answer at her finger tips (a rarity) she knows exactly where to find it.

An encyclopedia of knowledge garnered from over 30 years of dedication to MSE, she started as a sales data entry, moved to sales, to International Sales – and now is National and International Sales Manager.“

Swope will now use her long history with the company to not only mentor and educate potential users – but be a guide for the new Matthews Sales team. At the moment, that includes Nick Rowland (East Coast Account Manager), Edmundo Gonzalez (West Coast and Central/South America Account Manager), Joey Sherman (International Account Manager and West Coast Sales Support), Ken Emker (East Coast Sales Support), Stuart Guerrero (Inside Sales Support) and Monica Perez (Inside Sales Support). And that team is growing.

“For all of us – it’s not just selling the right gear – it’s making sure everything that goes out of the house is the right gear for the job – and we’re here to support that gear 24/7,” she adds.

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