In fact, we recently re-designed and expanded their CNC shop – to meet the need for new support for this rapidly changing movie-making community. “Much of the new methods of capture can be supported by high-quality products that have served the industry for years,” says co-founder, owner and President of MSE Ed Phillips. “But companies such as ours are always in constant touch with end users and realize there is also a need for something often unique to these changes. To that end, our R&D department continues to develop new tools to address those needs.”

To do that, in-house, MSE has completely re-outfitted the entire shop with Brand New 3 axis CNC mills with 4th axis capability, and 3 axis CNC lathes with live tooling. New conventional Lathes and Mills for Prototyping. A new tube processing department complete with material handling equipment. Eight welding bays, each equipped with vapor extraction for a safe and clean working environment. New shop floor management software to handle the volume and on time delivery. “A very expensive but necessary investment into our continued growth,” says Ed Phillips “Our brand will always be at the forefront of our efforts. Without good people, this company is just four walls and machines. We will never cut corners. We will always care about our employees and those who use the products we proudly manufacture.”

In addition to increasing their production space and staff, MSE has made a few other shifts. Thirty-year veteran MSE employee Linda Swope’s responsibilities have greatly increased. As Sales Manager, she is responsible for National and International sales worldwide. She will oversee a growing staff of sales people specializing in different areas of need.

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