“MSE is special to me because of the family feeling within the company,” says Brian Collins. “The products are high quality and they are manufactured by people with tremendous pride in what they produce.”

Brian should know. He brings a great history of product knowledge and continued long term relationships, “some from the days when Ed Phillips was in Canada demoing the Tulip Crane!” he admits.

He started in the industry during the 1980’s, first in film and television production, also as a stage hand and a roadie, and then at an advertising agency. His first relationship with MSE was when he was with LTM Corporation of Canada. In the early 1990’s he joined William F. White Sales as Manager of the Motion Picture and Television division. By 1993, White had a semi exclusive to represent MSE. It was Brian’s goal to expand MSE into broadcast, educational and independent markets. “This helped to make MSE an industry standard,” he explains.

Brian’s dedication to MSE equipment continued to grow – working with Don Hall at Cinequip to increase MSE sales. Created Enlightened Motion Picture, a representation company, and worked as a representative for Whites, MSE and LTM – Airstar and Mole folding in around 2009 and 2012.

His vast knowledge of MSE and support gear is known across Canada. His reach? Wherever equipment is needed. “Canadian production is booming,” he says. “Last year’s Best Picture Oscar winner, Shape of Water, was shot in Toronto. Commercials – MOWs – TV – Features – they are all here. And so is MSE – to serve whatever each production needs.”

L-R: with Rover/Infinity-Arm set up; with Paul Bronfman of William F White and Toronto Mayor John Tory; with MTM

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