This year, Matthews Studio Equipment is focusing on what’s new – and needed for productions on the go and on tight budgets. Support equipment that fits today’s needs – more important – that lasts.

“In an effort to match the portability and strength of our lighter weight production tools, MSE has created the new Panel Stands,” says MSE Vice President Tyler Phillips. “They are low profile legs that allow for clearance of long, wide, or low hanging lights, large monitors and more. The rolling base makes it easy to roll underneath a variety of setups with little clearance.”

“The T-12 LED lighting market is booming as technology continues to advance beyond incandescent and fluorescent fixtures,” adds Phillips. That’s why MSE has created the MQ Mount. “From three-point lighting to practical, the low-profile of the T-12 LED has endless applications. The new challenge – rigging these low-profile lights securely and quickly without crushing the lamp. The stem-rod for the MQ Mount can be expanded in a variety of lengths, making the placement of lights simple.”

MSE’s third big feature at IBC – Rolling Kit Bags. Transporting C-Stands has always been a challenge for those independents always on the go. Pieces and accessories get lost, and packing can be awkward. Equipment arrives with dents that weren’t there before. MSE’s series of C-Stand Rolling Kit Bags are designed to make traveling with C-Stands a pleasure.

Panel Stands, MQ Mounts, Rolling Kit Bags – they are just a few of MSE’s core products that fit every production’s need. See them at Booth 12-G55 – IBC 2018.

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