“Being based out of New Hampshire, there are no options for nearby gear rentals, so I buy what I need,” says Nick Czerula, who owns a small production company specializing in sport, automotive and local (culture) branded documentary-content as well as commercials. “It has to be quality – and, for me, that Matthews Studio Equipment. It’s top quality – and I love that small parts are available for periodic maintenance.”

Czerula’s latest he relies on – big time. K-Stackers. “They remove the need for using multiple stands when building a large soft light source, when using two four-foot Kinos. (I love Kinoflo lighting). Pairing the four-foot Kinos is great when diffused to create a large light source. The Stacker does the job of three stands – two for the kinos and one for the diffusion. I can get all of those items on one K-stacker with a riser and a roller base. The addition of the roller base makes it great for quick lighting movements for scene changes.”

Czerula recently did a shoot on professional training content for mechanics for a community college in New York. “I wanted a large soft source for my key on the talent,” he explains. “Then we filled around set with Kinos and Fresnels. This was my gaffer’s first time seeing the new K-Stacker. He was stoked.”

K-Stackers were also key to a Walmart commercial. “We used the K-stacker to build a portable (on roller base) soft source to drag around the store for close up scenes,” he explains. “We matched color with store overheads, diffused from above, when practical. We were able to raise the base to throw light on the doors, and we cut the light as we worked through the scene for reflection on the door – to keep it from getting too toppy.

“K-Stackers, along with my C-stands, combos, sand bags, beefy babies, car mounts, Matthelinis, clamps, mafers and more are always with me,” he adds. “MSE gear is strong, resilient, and can support just about any creative idea we come up with – even on the run.”

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