Recently Key Rigging Grip Daniel Letizia (Bull), flew in to Burbank, specifically to outfit his truck for the new season in New York with MSE Gear. Once finished, he couldn’t wait for it to arrive back East. “I chose Matthews because I saw on Instagram that they were investing in new CNC machines for production in the USA,” Letizia says.

“Having a stand that is made in the USA is important to me, as entertainment is one of the last Union made things we produce in this country. I felt proud to buy from a company that was investing domestically,” he adds.

“I’ve never been a fan of chrome and I got tired of taping two-inch photo tape to risers and arms to hide them in reflection or deep in a tent out. MSE was able to deliver black stands on a tight timeline,” he admits.

“Daniel just loved our gear,” says Tyler Phillips. “He worked with Stuart and Martin to put the package together. I was really very happy to see that he went with black C-stands stands as it is my opinion that all stands should be black on a film set. Same for his Matthelini clamps now that we offer them with black jaws… He also picked up a few of my other favorites, like our famous Hollywood Corners and the new Double Ears.”

“It was a pleasure working with Tyler, Martin and Stuart throughout the whole process,” Letizia says. “Stuart found me a great deal on some Mini Mambos left over from the garage sale, and Martin sold me on the Dutti Dolly. They even helped me load my trailer!”

L-R: Tyler Phillips, Stuart Guerrero, Martin Torner, Daniel Letizia

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