As a kid, Stuart Guerrero was fascinated by the technical side of the movie industry – specifically in special effects. His young mind was always questioning “how did they do that?” As he grew, so did his fascination with the parts that made the whole. So, when he decided to make the industry his career, he sought work where he could understand the tools-of-the-trade.

His first job was at LTM Corp of America, where he started in shipping and worked his way up to repair and parts. “President Herb Breitling took me under his wing and showed me the ins-and-outs of all HMI and Tungsten Lighting,” Guerrero explains. Guerrero worked for LTM for 18 years, until the company shut down.

He started a new chapter in his life in 2014, when he joined the Matthews family as an outside sales rep for the West Coast. “It was an interesting learning curve – understanding grip equipment,” he admits. But it was also fascinating and played into his interest in how things are put together.

Today, Guerrero is an Inside Sales Rep for the Matthews. Employing his now intimate knowledge of everything Grip – and the behind-the-scenes processes– Guerrero knows how to help his customers every time MSE creates a new product. “The more we know about the equipment, the better we can serve our customers,” he says. “I’m constantly asking questions of production so I will know exactly what MSE has to service all sorts of needs.”

It makes perfect sense that Guerrero also runs the Matthews ONLINE PARTS STORE.

“You can now order parts for everything from C-Stands, Beefy Baby Stands, Combo stands and more – even Doorway Dollies,” he says enthusiastically. “While the online store functions well in the digital world, I’m also here to help our customers with MSE gear by phone.”

Guerrero’s mandate: ship the right part for the right gear within two business days. While this mandate is only available for the US, he’s working with our team here to expand it to other territories. That doesn’t mean our international customers are at any loss–Stuart helps our international clients, via email and phone, assess repairs and order parts all the time.

“By the way, we’re also helping out customers financially,” he adds. “Every time you make a PARTS purchase – before checkout – use the promo code STUART15 – and you’ll receive a 15% discount off the entire order. This isn’t limited to online orders only–if you have to call me with a question and you order over the phone, just mention the code and I’ll apply it.”

So, need a part? Have a question about the part for repair? Call Stuart Guerrero at 818-843-6715 ext. 5841. He’ll be there to help you get your Matthews Gear back on set.

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