Matthews will be back at NAB in 2019 at booth C6040 (Central Hall, across from Canon Camera). Make sure to register at with code LV2522 for your free show pass.

2018 NAB was a new year for Matthews. We hired Graphic Design Guru Gabriel Haze to design a stylishly functional booth with flow. The re-design worked—we talked to more of you than ever last year. This year, he’s doing more—he even created a really cool 3D model that’s helping us modify the layout for maximum exposure. We’re not going to give it all away here, but you can see a cool few shots.

But our innovation doesn’t stop at our model creating abilities. We will debut some amazing innovations at NAB 2019.

“Matthews has one mission and our projects support it,” says VP Tyler Phillips. “I can’t wait to show everyone a new game-changer we’re releasing. We can’t take all the credit since it’s a co-creation with a very talented pro photographer. He came to us with an idea and we started to work on it together. It’s a project that falls in step with our Trio C+Stand Kit, our RoadFlags and RoadRags kits, our MyWay Grip Kit. I guess I’m giving away more of it by saying the word “kit” so I’ll stop there,” teases Tyler.

We have the new, but let’s not forget Ed did say “old made better, baby.” Two legacy products are getting an upgrade—one of them by using a completely new technology we refined over the last few years. Underlying each step is the mandate to make quality product that will end up saving our end-users more money.

“What attracted me to Matthews is their innovation both big and small. One minute, they’re releasing something new and crazy that makes you stop and think. The next minute, they’re tinkering and tweaking something that’s been around for years,” enthuses Director of Marketing Robert Magness.

Robert might be a new name to the Matthews family, but he’s a long time user and fan. He’s part of this teaser, too. Next month he’ll be back to tour you through everything Tyler and Ed have been hinting at.

Time to get back to planning, build out, and shipping all that inventory we made. You’re really going to love the experience. Until then, make sure you register online using code LV2522 at Then, come visit us at booth C6040.

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