Our key strategy to support creators has always come from inside the industry. Ed Phillips took his on-set experience to develop the key tools that Matthews manufactures. After a while, newer minds and voices are needed and that’s exactly why we hired Best Boy Grip (Local 80) Martin Torner as our leading R&D/Service Guru.

“Giving him a title is tough. He works with our R&D department to take on set problems and provide solutions. He’s customer service for unique rigging and all around film-making questions. He’s our on-camera talent for social media,” counts President Tyler Phillips.

Martin started behind the scenes at birth, raised in a family run theater company. At age 12, he was thrown onto his first follow spot. He started his first job on a feature the day after graduating from the New York Film Academy Director’s Program. From there, he has worked in every aspect of the grip department.

His problem solving skills helped him excel and find regular work on sets, traveling the world while working on such films as Journey 2:The Mysterious Island, Thor, Iron Man 2, The Amazing Spiderman as well as many hit television shows such as Marvels Agents of Shield, Ballers, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Eventually, he wanted to stay more local and tackle industry wide problems.

“I enjoyed solving the problems of the day,” says Martin. “With Matthews, I can solve the industry-wide problems and make a broader contribution.”

He closes his first year by creating the industry-wide solution to mobility—the Rock n’ RollerTM Wheel Sets. They are 3 new SKUs to work with the popular Matthews Monitor Stand II/Slider Stands; a set for Combo Stands (works with 1” square legs); and a set for Mombo Combos (works with 1 1/2” square tube legs). He and his fellow grips are always finding ways to get the job done faster and safer. Putting rugged wheels on the most common stands, enabling them to go over any terrain, saves time and back aches. The responses from NAB, Cine Gear, and IBC solidify them as a soon to be legacy hit for the industry.

Check out Martin in the social media he helps distribute for Matthews. He co-stars with the gear regularly and his energy perfectly matches the company’s excitement for innovation. And, meet Martin in person at this year’s Cine Gear Expo Atlanta event October 4-5 at Pinewood Atlanta Studios, with industry mainstay and Matthews’ knowledgeable East Coast Account Manager Ken Emker.

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