Cine Equipment

Cine Equipment is one of those inspiring success stories. “We began as a small potatoes company in Singapore and now, almost 18 years later, we’ve got offices in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Melbourne Australia, Bangkok Thailand and Manila Philippines,” says Tng Siew Moi, the petite driving force behind the company. “She’s a dynamo in a small


When William F. White Sr. came to California in the 1960s looking for equipment manufacturers to fill his client’s needs in Canada, he met up with Ed Phillips and company. And the two clicked – personally and professionally. “According to our Executive CP/COO Paul Roscorla, our company has had a business relationship with MSE for

Congo Films

In 1983, Carlos Congote decided it was time to centralize movie production support in Bogota, Columbia. The film industry was growing and shooters needed to be able to get their hands on the best tools available – and know they would have personal support as well. Since then, Congo Films has become the sales and

Dodd Camera

Dodd Camera has been around since when George Eastman was selling film out of his trunk. Serving photo enthusiasts and professionals alike, the people at Dodd Camera pride themselves on keeping in front of technology changes and bringing new products to market. Dodd Camera is uniquely positioned to serve professional photographers with the stores in

Gearhead Grip + Electric

Portland, Oregon based Gearhead is a perfect example of growing business that is key to the American success story. Owned by Joel Stirnkorb and Greg Schmitt, who work as Gaffers and DPs when not involved in the company, Gearhead started as one owner/operator with a small truck and has developed into 11 vehicles, dollies, generators