Glazer’s Camera

When Ed Glazer started Glazer’s Camera back in 1935, business was conducted on a handshake. He made sure the people he served were friends first – clients second. Close to 80 years later, Glazer’s Camera, located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, is still run by the Glazer family – Ed’s son-in-law Bob Lackman, Lackman’s

The Hughes: Frank and Herb

It’s a Family Affair! It didn’t start out to be father and son doing the same job at two different schools – it just ended up that way. After retiring from 42 years in the industry (30 of them in Set Lighting at Disney), Herb Hughes was interested in exploring the “life” part of his

Idaho Cinematic Equipment

In 2007, when Idaho decided to get serious about the movie business, jack-of-all-trades Dan Allers was delighted. He got involved when the Film Task Force put together by the legislature and a group of professionals developed incentive programs to boost shooting in Idaho. “Finally, I could justify fulfilling my promise to myself and building a

JCX Expendables

San Francisco’s production community might be a little eclectic – a few high-end productions, a lot of commercials, documentaries, music videos and more than a few corporate shoots – but one thing’s for certain, whatever shooters need, they are going to find it at Janet Coleman’s brand-new, 4,250 square foot JCX facility. “With parking!” Coleman

Jeff Barklage

If Ohio-based DP Jeff Barklage could have carved out time from his busy shooting schedule, he would have literally camped out at MSE’s loading dock to be first in line when FloatCam’s HD DC-Slider became available. He was that anxious to get his hands on his new favorite tool. “As someone who shoots a LOT