Jeff Glucker /

Speaking of Car Mounts… One of MSE’s newest clients, Jeff Glucker, co-founder and Executive Editor of, the popular website for dedicated car lovers, is over-the-top about his Matthews Master Car Mount System. He’s had the setup for about six months – and boy has he put it to the test! Glucker, who started on

JJ Osbun

JJ Osbun and partner Chris D. Nebe are on their 15th Mysterious China Film – and about to start another. Recently the difference in their shooting style has come from Osbun&#39s discovery of MSE equipment – especially the DC and HDDC-Slider from Floatcam. &#34The DC-Slider is a serious tool for DSLR and small camera work,

Location Lighting

When Brad Shapiro was a DP, he’d walk onto a set and almost cringe when he saw what he called a ‘gypsy’ look. “40 different C-Stands of different quality,” he tells us. Now that he’s a lighting rental house owner, he holds Location Lighting Limited to a higher standard. “That’s why we carry all Matthews


When the owners of OTMFC decided to build a customized and organized grip truck designed for their still photography clients, it was Matthews Studio Equipment that came to the rescue with everything needed for these specialized shoots. “It started with one truck and has grown to a fleet,” says David Hudgins, one of the founders.

Pechanga Resort & Casino

For over three years Matthews has been proud to supply support for the in-house video production team at Pechanga Resort & Casino. Pechanga shoots a tremendous amount of video content for the popular round-the-clock entertainment experience that is the seventh largest venue of its kind in the world. “MSE equipment is essential to capturing that