CTT EXP & Rentals Loads in a Major Order of MSE Equipment

Mexico-based CTT EXP & Rentals has always been an important part of the Latin American production community. Their history began with the “renaissance” of the so-called “new Mexican cinema” that demanded high-quality, professional productions and services. Their first feature film, “Like Water for Chocolate”, directed by Alfonso Arau (winner or 10 ‘Arieles’ from the Mexican

Dutti Dolly Stars in Viral Video “The Floor is Lava”

The Matthews tradition is long and strong – it’s not just about “Technology That Complements Your Imagination”. It’s also being there for creative talent, whether it be high-end productions or corporate promotions and tests. Not too long ago, Snehal Patel (Sales Manager, Cine & Applications Specialist at Zeiss) was having a conversation with MSE’s Executive

Matthews New KitBAGS Make Traveling Fast a Lot Easier

Independent production is shifting to smaller crews with faster setups in multiple locations. The ability to pack and transport a few C-stands has become a necessity. “In the past, bags specifically designed for this purpose have been limited and lack the robustness required,” says Tyler Phillips, Executive Vice President for Matthews Studio Equipment. Legs often