Wavelength Lighting Offers MatthewsGrip in Atlanta

Wavelength Lighting LLC knows how to service Atlanta’s production market. That’s because owner Shalina Clark comes from an industry family; with her husband and two sons working in the field, Shalina gets a firsthand look at what the production community needs. And, she travels to all the major tradeshows around the world to make sure

Highlight on Midi Vator III

February is that sneaky little gremlin of the calendar year—it’s short and sneaks up on you. Production budgets are finalized (or have just been), equipment lists are out to rental houses, and the POs are in to Matthews. Changes are made in advance, at the last second, and even the crew is on set. While

Spotlight on Stuart Guerrero

As a kid, Stuart Guerrero was fascinated by the technical side of the movie industry – specifically in special effects. His young mind was always questioning “how did they do that?” As he grew, so did his fascination with the parts that made the whole. So, when he decided to make the industry his career,