Spotlight on Stuart Guerrero

As a kid, Stuart Guerrero was fascinated by the technical side of the movie industry – specifically in special effects. His young mind was always questioning “how did they do that?” As he grew, so did his fascination with the parts that made the whole. So, when he decided to make the industry his career,

Introducing MSE’s New Sales Stars

“It was a time for a change,” says Ed Phillips, MSE CEO and co-founder. “Production is expanding globally, and it is important to us to keep up with the changes. So, we took a hard look at our sales staff – and made changes that will make our relationships stronger around the world. “We’re excited

Daniel Letizia Flies West – to Outfit his Truck

Recently Key Rigging Grip Daniel Letizia (Bull), flew in to Burbank, specifically to outfit his truck for the new season in New York with MSE Gear. Once finished, he couldn’t wait for it to arrive back East. “I chose Matthews because I saw on Instagram that they were investing in new CNC machines for production