Combo Stands

Sky Hi Triple Riser Combo Stand Hollywood Combo – Lo Boy Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Hollywood Combo Double Riser Hollywood Combo Double Riser Aluminum New Style Mombo Combo Mombo Combo

Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS PRICING & ORDERING Matthews design, pricing and sepcifications are subject to change without prior notice. Minimum order is $100.00. Pricing effective April 16, 2016. All pricing shown is list price. PACKING & HANDLING Some items will be subject to either a crating charge and/or a handling fee. SHIPPING DISCREPANCIES & RETURNS All

Matthews Catalog #42 Download

Please note the full download at the bottom of this page is a large file and may take time to complete. Individual chapters are provided for your convenience. Click on the image to open a.pdf – browse or save.

Matthews Recover Program

All Prices shown below are based on the assumption that when your old frames arrive at Matthews for recovering, they have been stripped of the old fabric, cleaned and straightened – otherwise, a service charge of $5.00 for each of the aforementioned services will be incurred. Please note these prices may vary depending on market