MiniMAX PN B377001

This is not an updated parts drawing and is meant only to help in ascertaining which part you need. Call the Matthews Sales department at 818-843-6715 for correct part numbers and descriptions. Detail # Quantity Part # Description Detail # Quantity Part # Description 44 4 3018/100 Nylon spacer 22 1 4001 Bonnet #43 43

MAX 720 Pipe Adapter – by Richard Mall

MAX 720 Adapter from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo. The MAX 720 Pipe Adapter was designed to be used with standard 1-1/4 schedule 40 pipe. It accepts any length pipe and rotates 360 degrees in two opposite planes. Functions are unlimited and can be used for stretching MAX in reach as well as horizontally for multiple fixtures

MAX Menace

MAX Exploded View MAX Jack Arm Exploded View MAX Boom Arm Exploded View MAX Offset Arm Exploded View