Vator II Operating Manual

CLICK HERE FOR .PDF OF VATOR II OPERATING MANUAL Exploded Views: MSE-A001-4 MSE-A002-4 MSE-A003-4 MSE-A006-4 MSE-A007-4 MSE-A008-4 MSE-A010-4 MSE-A011-4 MSE-A012-4 MSE-A014-4 MSE-A015-4 MSE-A016-4 MSE-A017-4 MSE-A018-4 MSE-A021-4 MSE-A022-4 MSE-A023-4 MSE-A024_020_013 MSE-A025-4 MSE-A029-4 MSE-A042-4 MSE-A043-4 MSE-A044-4 MSE-A045-4 MSE-A046-4 MSE-A047-4 MSE-A048-4

Minivator, 3X Stage

This is not an updated parts drawing and is meant only to help in ascertaining which part you need. Call the Matthews Sales department at 818-843-6715 for correct part numbers and descriptions.   Detail # Quantity Part # Description Detail # Quantity Part # Description 41 2 489496-37 Lock Pin 20 1 489496-2 Crank Hsg

VATOR III drawings

Click to view and download .pdfs. Please note – these drawings are for the Vator III models only. Vator III Stand Descriptions Wheel Assembly, LoBoys and Crank-O-Vator Big Boy Wheel Assembly V.1 For Midi and Super Big Boy Wheel Assembly V.2 For Midi and Super Handle Assembly for All Vator III Models Head Assembly for