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When the owners of OTMFC decided to build a customized and organized grip truck designed for their still photography clients, it was Matthews Studio Equipment that came to the rescue with everything needed for these specialized shoots. “It started with one truck and has grown to a fleet,” says David Hudgins, one of the founders. “These unique studios-on-the-go make our clients’ shoots more organized and productive – with customized trucks, carts and systems. And, Matthews is a big part of that!

“I purchased my first four Matthews’ C-stands 21 years ago,” he says. “And they are still in use today. That is a testament to the quality of MSE’s products. In our opinion, Matthews started the grip industry and everyone else has copied them. Just like Matthews, we want to deal with leaders and innovators. Not the imitations.

“Our clients deserve the best and that is why we choose Matthews’ equipment,” he adds. “Additionally, Matthews offers exceptional customer service. We purchase all our equipment from dealers, so they don’t really know how much we own, yet they treat us like we are their biggest customers.”

Hudgins says OTMFC has pretty much every stand that MSE makes, from the Mini Preemie Baby to the Mombo Combo and everything in-between. “We started with just four C-stands,” he says. “And now we have several hundred.” Since the lights used in the still industry are smaller and lighter than the constant lights in the motion picture industry, OTMFC’s most used piece of equipment it the C-stand. “Matthews has made some updates to it over the years, but our industry prefers the tried and true spring loaded turtle base,” says Hudgins. “It’s the best.”

No matter how diverse the job the company does, MSE has pieces of equipment for it. “Suction cup mounts for car or boat jobs and rocky mountain stands for use on the side of a mountain,” he says. “We recently purchased some items to convert equipment to be used on set,” he adds. “We needed to have special adapter made for them to work in a JR receiver. We thought about going to a machine shop but approached Matthews! No problem. We got exactly what we needed! Thank you Matthews!

OTMFC has a reputation of loyalty, not only to their clients, but also to the many photo assistants they have worked with through the years. They are also very loyal to their vendors. “We consistently purchase equipment from MSE at least twice a year. Currently, we have an order in for another 20 C-stands, combos, mombos, rollers, etc. And we’re looking for more!”

David Baker and David Hudgins, co-owners of OTMFC (www.otmfc.com) would like to “Thank Matthews for 10 years of providing us a great product and great support to back it up!”

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