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September 6, 2019

ROCK n' ROLLER WHEELS– Matthews upgrades their wheels to work on the toughest surfaces! ROCK n' ROLLER WHEELS pair perfectly with the Monitor Stand II allowing video assistants to set up directors’ monitors and video villages safely and easily. Designed to support high-end production equipment, these 8”x2” wheels provide a more cushioned and stable ride, with a non-damaging leg-lock to keep your stand legs looking like new. There is even a robust adjustable face locking brake mechanism, locking both the roll and the swivel of the wheel, to keep the equipment in place when on and incline or rough terrain. Now, Steadicam operators can roll their rig across the set or studio, rough terrain, rocky roads or grassy fields – smooth and steady – and safe. Grips can now roll around heavy overhead frames, saving their backs and maneuvering their equipment safely. Releasing three versions--one for the Monitor Stand II, one for Mombo Combos, and one for Combo Stands--ROCK n' ROLLER WHEELS are puncture free foam tires that won't go flat on rough terrain. Patent Pending.

BABYSITT’R – Matthews brings efficiency to all aspects of production, right down to something as simple as mounting a baby plate. BABYSITT’R is a universal system that works with any standard baby plate from most known manufacturers (do not exceed 3.6” x 6.0” or 9.2cm x 15.2cm). A tool free system designed for grips, gaffers and shooters looking to save time and space, BABYSITT’R uses an ingenious spring-loaded locking system that allows you to ‘pop’ a baby plate in and out of BABYSITT’R’s flat surface. No more swiss cheesing your gear with screw holes, two plate slots accommodate dual plate applications. Best of all, BABYSITT’R will still function as a normal pancake / eighth apple box. In fact, in the time it took to read this paragraph, you could have mounted two baby plates already without breaking a sweat! Patent Pending.

PANEL STAND – Matthews prides itself on innovating new products to give end-users fast set ups and mobility for a variety of movie-production tools…thus, PANEL STAND was born. Portability, strength, and ease of transportation and operation in a brand-new stand concept; PANEL STAND gives you the low-profile base of a medium roller stand with the cranking column of our popular Mini-Vator and the now industry standard Combo Head. Use PANEL STAND to roll underneath furniture, cars, and a variety of set ups with tight clearance. Turn a panel light or large monitor vertical without worrying if the legs of your stand will get in the way. And, PANEL STAND features a balanced & built-in carry handle that, when folded, lets you move it from place to place with ease. PANEL STAND features a wide height range from 55” to 130” and hold up to 80 pounds. Patent Pending.


MSE is a 49-year-old manufacturer of industry-specialized hardware, camera and lighting support. Its equipment is being used on entertainment productions and in major studios in over 90 countries around the world. The company has been honored with two Presidential “E” Award for outstanding contributions to growing U.S. exports, strengthening the economy and creating American jobs. Matthews has also been honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for Technical Achievement. MSE offices are located at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at 4520 West Valerio Street, Burbank, CA 91505.

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