Hollywood Combo Stands


A Stand with an attitude! Wider footprint and longer legs provide increased stability. Complete with Rocky Mountain Leg and steel construction. Available with aluminum risers upon request. Will accept Matthews #366066 Combo Adapter Wheels. Matthews casters are locking and non-marking. Made from steel components - not plastic - and will provide years of durable service.

The Low Boy Combo is also known as Loboy or LoBoy.

Hollywood Combo - Double Riser
Maximum Height: 136" (3454mm)
Minimum Height: 49.5" (1257mm)
Weight Capacity: 90lbs (40kg)
Weight: 28lbs (12kg)
Footprint: 43" (1092mm)
Folded Base: 5" (127mm)

Hollywood Combo - Triple Riser
Max Height: 177.5" (4508mm)
Min Height: 54.2" (1376mm)
Capacity: 68lbs (30kg)
Weight: 32lbs (14kg)
Footprint: 43" (1092mm)
Folded Base: 5" (127mm)

Hollywood Combo - Double Riser, Aluminum
Max Height: 136" (3454mm)
Min Height: 49.5" (1257mm)
Capacity: 50lbs (23kg)
Weight: 13lbs (6kg)
Footprint: 43" (1092mm)
Folded Base: 5" (127mm)

Low Boy Combo - Double Riser
Max Height: 76.5" (1943mm)
Min Height: 33.5" (851mm)
Capacity: 72lbs (33kg)
Weight: 16lbs (7kg)
Footprint: 31" (787mm)
Folded Base: 4" (102mm)

Sky High Combo - Triple Riser, Steel
Max Height: 183" (4648mm)
Min Height: 56" (1442mm)
Capacity: 50lbs (23kg)
Weight: 28lbs (13kg)
Footprint: 40" (1000mm)
Folded Base: 4.5" (114mm)

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