Brauer Hostess Tray Kit


Wanting to get that profile/hostess tray shot and have a place for your coffee and donut at the same time? With the window up while shooting sound or down for some fresh air, or up and down during the take, the Brauer Mount is the only Hostess Tray that will do both. The Brauer Hostess Mount will allow you to accomplish all that and mount nearly any camera package or even a gimbal stabilization system safely and securely in less than 5 minutes.

The 10"x14" aluminum cheese plate slips between the window and door of nearly any vehicle and securely ties to the side of the car with vacuum cups (also known as Pump Cup or Suction Cup), 5/8" Rods, grip heads and quick struts. In addition, the door can be opened and closed without restrictions, a real convenience for your talent. If you have any mechanical aptitude at all, you can use the ingenious design of the Brauer Mount to jimmy the door and jack the car (but you didnt' hear that from us).
Another First from MSE

429482 Brauer Hostess Tray Kit

KIT Components (1) Brauer Hostess Tray, (2) 5/8" Pins w/nuts and washers, (6) Ricky Rods, (2) 2.5" Quick Heads, (2) Quick Struts, (2) Grip Heads

Accessories to consider: 1/4" or 3/8" to 4/8" Baby Pins Low Profile Tile Plate BH-20 and BH-30 Ball Heads Shoe Adapter and MICROGrip Rods and Heads

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