Alum/Steel Triple Riser Combo


By combining aluminum legs and risers with a steel top riser, Matthews has created a robust, lightweight and tall Combo stand, as the steel top riser adds strength and security. Available in Black only.

Max Ht: 177” (450cm)
Min Ht: 54" (137cm)
Capacity: 35lbs. (16kg)
Weight: 21lbs (9.8kg)
Footprint: 45" (109cm)
Triple Riser
Rocky Mountain Leveling Leg

ÔªøFeatures and BenefitsÔªø:

  • Spring dampened risers protect equipment being lowered and help eliminate pinch points.
  • V-shaped brass brakes ensuring 3-point strong contact.
  • Knurled baby pin ensures whatever is being mounted stays put.
  • Internal rocky mountain leg anchor, insures leg wont fall apart while operating.
  • Thick threaded collars ensuring a solid bite from t-handles and set screws.
  • Spring loaded rising knurled baby pin.

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