Slider Stand Wheel Set

Slider Stand Wheel Set


Whether you're using the new Slider Stand with the Matthews Slider, Dana Dolly System, Rig Wheels Kit or even a large light, the Slider Stand Wheel Set is a sturdy and reliable solution to keep your equipment portable.

Just like other Matthews Wheels, the Slider Stand Wheels track straight, which makes moving your system around set or on location smooth and easy.

You'll find Matthews wheels are of the very finest quality, as there are no plastic hubs. like other manufacturers use. and there's non-marking wheel tread. The ball and roller bearings make for a smooth roll and swivel and there's total braking in all directions, rotational and linear, with a single metal brake pedal not plastic.

Additionally, the wheel shoe's spring steel brake kit (shown in the photo to the left), provides a firm hold and prevents scratching of the stand's legs; and the wheel kit utilizes TENTE Casters, one of the best brand of casters available.

Keep on rolling with Matthews

Features and Benefits
  • Spring steel retainer makes sure t-handle does not dimple sidewall of stand leg.
  • Brakes lock both wheel rotation and position.
  • Straight tracking, multi-direction locking, non-marking Tente casters. Best braking casters available.

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