When shooting local or regional content – companies like Lubbock, Texas-based Hamil Bros Studios need to work with a very conservative budget – but deliver big-budget results – and that’s where MSEGrip support comes in. Adding MSE’s Master Car Mount to their tool set has become a lifesaver.

The relationship with MSE started in August of 2016. “We’d been hired to shoot local ads to run during the 2017 Super Bowl,” explains Ross Hamil owner/creative director. “Up to this point we had been limited to using a GoPro stuck inside the windshield or using a cheap car mount that we pieced together. It worked okay for holding something like a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, but it was not going to be good enough for what we were needing to do on this ad.”

Partner, and brother, Jacob Hamil had been doing some internet surfing and remembered a blog post from Shane Hurlbut ASC on a MSE car mount. They loved the specs for the Freedom Mount, but with no rental houses within a 500-mile radius and a conservative budget, there was a serious hesitation. “Then we discovered the Master Car Mount – with everything we needed – including a price we could afford,” says Hamil.

The day after the mount arrived the two had an SUV brought to their studio and set up a test. “It took about 20 minutes to set up – we were slow because it was the first time,” he admits. “But it was still amazingly fast. We put our biggest camera rig on it (Blackmagic Production 4K) and off we went.”

After the test drive, they broke down the mount and ran the footage. “We were shocked with how little movement there was. We were so impressed we posted on Shane’s Inner Circle. Immediately we got questions about how much post-stabilization we had to use – to which we answered ‘none!’

“To say that the Matthews Master Car Mount is now a key component for car shots, for example, is an understatement,” he continues. “On this first ad we faced needing stable driving footage – the foundation of the ad. But, more, harsh winter weather. We needed to set up quickly, before everyone froze. We had a break in the weather – and the set up took barely 10 minutes. Lightning quick for a small crew (three on this job).”

Hamil Bros now has the MSE Master Car Mount in their arsenal – and are so happy with it – they’ve posted reviews and blog posts – telling anyone who wants to deliver big-budget results on lower budget productions – to check the Master Car Mount and other support at MSGrip.com.

Hamil Bros Studios Full Matthews Master Car Mount from Hamil Bros Studios on Vimeo.