Voodoo Cloth

Voodoo Cloth


In an effort to satisfy the ever changing tastes and requirements of the international production industry, Matthews Studio Equipment is introducing VOODOO cloth diffusion. VOODOO cloth is a full density fabric that produces extremely soft diffusion that is suitable for overheads and butterflies as well as 4'x4's when used with large, single-point light sources such as sunlight or fresnel fixtures.

Initially utilized to produce soft, non-specular diffusion from multi-lamped LED fixtures, VOODOO cloth produces large amounts of ambient light bounce when utilized as an overhead or butterfly.

PN 169211 4'x4' Slip Over: $175.00
PN 319752 6'x6' Butterfly: $200.00
PN 319755 8'x8' Butterfly: $260.00
PN 319753 12'x12' Overhead: $480.00
PN 319754 20'x20' Overhead: $960.00

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