It’s in Japan and New York – and heading for more locations around the world. Matthews new Elevator System assists filmmakers and shooters of all calibers on large and small sets in creating dynamic vertical camera moves without the additional cost of conventional dollies and cranes.

“Directors are always asking for dynamic camera moves but production often hasn’t budgeted for the additional support equipment that will allow crews to make that happen,” remarks Robert Kulesh, VP of Sales and Marketing for MSE. “The question becomes – how to get that exciting footage but do it on a conservative budget.”

Enter – The Elevator. It’s a simple counterbalanced elevation tower that serves a dual purpose. It allows for 25.5 inches of smooth vertical movement (covering the range between sitting and standing positions) and 360 degree panning, both equipped with drag control.

As with most MSE support products, the Elevator system is platform agnostic. It works with everything form heavy-duty sliders, tripods, pipe dollies, The New Dutti dolly, high hats, and bazookas. Virtually anything that uses an elemac-mounting base. Or just get the Mitchell to Elemak adapter…

The Elevator features simple 1:1 counterweight (Olympic size barbells) and multiple 3/8-16 threaded holes for mounting accessories and/or triangulation. It will support any camera/fluid head combo up to 23kgs or 50.5 pounds. Combine the Elevator to any lateral moving camera support piece, and you create a multi-axis system, greatly expanding shooting capabilities while maintaining a small footprint. One person can easily carry it up a flight of stairs, or around set without killing your back.

And all that – at a price that any size production can afford.