Baby Stands:
A stand designed with a 5/8″ Pin at the top. Almost all lighting instruments under 2000 Watts in size are made to be mounted on a Baby Pin. Matthews manufactures a number of stands, both rolling and non-rolling such as the Baby Junior Stand in both double riser and triple riser. Century Stands, Matthews Kit Stands, and Beefy Baby Stands are all manufactured with a Baby Pin at the top. Matthews Combo Stands are now made with a Baby Pop Up Pin for greater flexibility.
Also known as Century Stand, Grip Stand or Gobo Stand. Before there was artificial lighting stages would revolve to allow for continuous overhead lighting from the sun. Large reflectors were positioned to bounce this light, the most common size c-stand being the 100 inch, or ‘century’ sized stand.
Combo Stands:
The first “Combination” stand was born to hold both Reflectors from the Grip Department and Junior Lights from the Lighting Department. Matthews built the first combo stand in 1974 as the Original Combination Stand, then it became known as the Combo Stand and in other parts of the world as the Combi Stand.
Digital Stands:
Designed to be stronger and lighter than other manufacturers’ aluminum stands, Matthews Digital stands are also lower in cost. The recent developments in lighter weight illumination technologies have dictated the development of lighter weight fixtures such as LED arrays, fluorescent fixtures and other luminaries.
Junior & Senior Stands:
Similar to Combo Stands in that they have a universal receiver with pop-up 5/8″ male pin; these stands are made to hold larger fixtures, providing a stable, rolling base for Junior and Midsize lights.
Kit Stands / Revenger Stands:
Compact and lightweight stands ideal for assembling custom lighting kits; these stands are commonly found in photographer’s lighting kits. Ideal for students, studio or location.
Menace Arms & Accesories:
A one-stop-shop menace arm – where others have to construct a rickety arm from pieces and parts, built by Key Grip Richard Mall. Academy Award Winner for Science and Technical Achievement, this boom arm allows for hanging a light fixture or fixtures and or cameras from roof tops and or where the stand must be out of the shot and or where a height of 20 feet or more is required. Max also goes negative. Unique and cannot be found through any other manufacturer.
Slider Stand & Monitor Stand:
The Slider Stand and Mini Slider Stand may be used with all sliders on the market today. Military black chrome, Jr Receiver, Rocky Mountain Leg and optional casters. Monitor Stand II is made primarily for use with Monitors although its baby pin will allow mounting of 5/8″ fixtures. Features include built-in casters and rocky mountain leg.
Heavy Duty Tripod primarily used on mobile productions and sporting events. Strong, sturdy and robust camera support provides a stable platform for ‘whip’ pans and other rapid camera movements with no tripod jitter, twist or swaying.
Overhead Stands:
Developed for use with overheads and butterflies, these stands feature wide bases for increased stability and terminate in 4.5″ Grip Heads.
Vator III:
Heavy Duty, dependable, safe cranking stands made for reliable, robust and large fixture support. Each stand is covered by a three year warranty under normal operating conditions (warranty excludes wheels and tires).