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The Litemover is a universal remote head designed for large industry specific lights and reflector boards or mirrors. Its advanced features, such as compatibility with DMX, WDMX, RDM, or basic hand control, make it an ideal tool for professionals looking for a reliable and efficient way to control lights and reflectors from the ground. Its easy-to-understand interface and intuitive controls make it an essential tool for any technician looking to streamline their workflow and save time. The system can be used right side up or underslung and pairs nicely with the Airclimber or Max Menace Arm. It will control your pan, tilt and even control your spot/flood function. The Litemover comes in a hard rolling case as a complete kit with everything you will need to rig your light fixture. Patent pending.

Maximum load capacity: 100kg / 220lbs


  • Arri / Filmgear HMIs
  • Arri Skypanel S360
  • Cineo Reflex 15
  • Creamsource Vortex8 (when used in multi-yokes)
  • Lightbridge CRLS C100 
  • Film Gear Power Beam
  • K5600 Alpha range HMIs
  • Matthews Xeno Mirror Reflector 42"x42"
  • More to come

Control via Litemover handset or DMX. CRMX receive is built in and may be easily integrated into your existing system.

Operating modes:

  • Handheld controller (also in combination with DMX
  • DMX (dmx-table)
  • CRMX

Change settings by RDM - you will need an RDM controller like the City Theatrical DMX-Cat or the Swisson XMT-350. Profile available for Gafferscontrol and Blackout.

Power Solutions:

  • 12 Volt VCD / 4 Amp. max.
  • 220-110 Volt AC (V-Lock adapter included)
  • V-Lock Battery 14,4 Volt (optional)

DMX Table:

Channel 1: ON/OFF  
OFF #0-254 %0-99
ON #255 %100
Channel 2: Pan
OFF #0-50 / 103-152 / 205-255 %0-19 / 40-59 / 80-100
LEFT #51-102 %20-39
RIGHT #153-204 %60-79
Channel 3: Tilt
OFF #0-50 / 103-152 / 205-255 %0-19 / 40-59 / 80-100
UP #51-102 %20-39
DOWN #153-204 %60-79
Channel 4: Focus
OFF #0-50 / 103-152 / 205-255 %0-19 / 40-59 / 80-100
LEFT #51-102 %20-39
RIGHT #153-204 %60-79


Download Litemover Manual and Safety Instructions (.pdf)


Hand Connector:

Pin Connector:

Clamp Connector: