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The Hollywood term for a 750-Watt or 1000 Watt lighting fixture. Baby fixtures are normally manufactured with a 5/8" female receiver in the Yoke or Bale. Baby pins, Baby Receivers and Baby Plates all refer to the 5/8" size.

Gobo Ball

A bright orange, soft rubber ball which slips onto protruding Extension Arms to prevent injury to eyes and other sensitive areas of the body. Gobo balls are not recommended for golf, handball or street hockey, but stick it on a radio antenna and it sure makes it easy to spot your car in a parking lot.

Gobo Head

Also known as Grip Heads, this handy piece of equipment is used to mount on top of a stand and to attach Extension Arms, Flags, Cutters, etc...


East Coast term for Eighth Apple Box.

Turtle Stand

Primarily a C-Stand with a removable base. Also called a C+Stand. Image shown here is with Griphead and Arm.