Martin Torner Sets the Grip Bar for Nightview

Valerie Taylor |

As a long-time grip, Matthew’s Martin Torner knows his way around stages. So doing customer service for MSE is a natural for him. He knows the basics of which tool to use, how to rack the gear, and more.

He first visited with Donna Stirzel, Nightview General Manager, months before the opening when the cyc walls were being installed, mainly to get the vibe of the place. He and Donna discussed options for the best grip packages to offer and helped put it together the way Martin would if he were a grip working on the stage. Of course Matthews C-Stands were essential so they chose 40” and 20” Sliding Leg stands with detachable bases. Also on the list of essentials were the Low Boy Combo, Hollywood Combo, and High Roller Stands, along with End Jaw and Center Jaw Matthellini Clamps to hold everything. Also included were “all sizes of Matthews world class Apple Boxes, with extra Full Apple Boxes, because you always need extra full boxes!” explained Torner. And he included 8’x8’ and 12’x12’ Overhead Butterfly Frames with Hollywood Corners and Ears “because, we wanted to make sure they had the right gear with a variety of options allowing their clientele to have an array of grip support solutions”, Torner added. “The result is a very stylish production facility that they built from the ground up right in the center of an exciting location, that has everything from beautifully equipped stages to a green room and editing suite.”

Donna Stirzel, General Manager concludes: “As Nightview Studios prepared their stages Matthews Studio Equipment was a great resource in prepping for our opening. Martin provided valuable support and knowledge in stocking the right equipment for our customers. With a full line of MSE available to our clients we are ready to support our customers with world class service and a 5- star studio.”