Vamp Gets a Grip on Matthews

Valerie Taylor |

Every day is Halloween for Cameron and LeeAnna Vamp. The 2-person team creates an array of family fun content around their favorite theme. They have a great time and so does their audience.

After growing up with the The Munsters and Beetlejuice, the couple decided to “create what we love and share it with the world.” Under their Fiends banner they write, shoot, edit, produce and star in their own video series like “The Fiends” and “Let’s Get Spooky,” that feature Halloween themed entertainment with puppets, sing-alongs, cooking, and their own “imagination videos”— all aimed at sparking the imagination, with a secret dose of education and a heaping teaspoon of fun for parents and children alike. Their Fiends clothing line and toys also follow the spirit of friendly, creepy fun. LeeAnna and Cameron both have diverse IMDBs and are bona-fide social media influencers so the couple makes quite a splash at Comic-Con and Horror conventions.

They take their family business seriously and never scrimp on production quality. That’s why they choose another family business, Matthews for their studio grip equipment. Their relationship with Matthews goes back to its entrepreneur, Ed Phillips and continues with president/CEO Tyler Phillips today. “We love the products, the people, and the brand,” LeeAnna quips. “You get what you pay for and Matthews’ gear lasts forever. Their pride in the product transfers to the customer. I have pride in using it. Just like us, their heart and soul is into what they do, and it shows.”

What MSE gear do they use most often? “The C-stands and the Butterfly frame with green and blue screen”, the couple begins, “and Matthelini clamps are an amazing universal tool we always need.” They are excited to use their new 40” x 40” flag kit with flags and floppies that actually fits right into their hatchback car. “That was our problem, LeeAnna explains, before they came out with this smaller size, we would have to rent a van. Now its great because the kit comes in a bag and fits in the car, so we use it a ton.”

What’s up next for the dynamic duo? “It’s a good day to tend my bees, says LeeAnna about her private passion.” They will grab the flag kit and set it up with a C-Stand to provide shade in the hot Southern California sun, as LeeAnna goes into beekeeper-mode. “It’s a multifaceted tool. Leave it to us to use the equipment in non-traditional ways.”

Photo caption: LeeAnna Vamp, the “Ghoul Of Your Dreams” and Cameron, load a new 40x40 flag kit into their hatchback.