Gobo Plate‚Ñ¢ Media Mount


Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. expands the Gobo Plate™ line with an affordable on-set grip tool that’s easy for anyone to use. Gobo Plate™ Media Mount is designed to rapidly and safely mount monitors onto C-Stands using standard 2.5” Grip heads. The simplicity and versatility of the Gobo Plate™ Media Mount system offers speed and adaptability amongst the ever-changing nature of set work, allowing monitors to be mounted wherever necessary and easily adjusted whenever necessary.


  • T-slot with V centering quickly secures grip head mounting
  • Tethered and removable locking pin secures mount in the open and closed position
  • Five each ¬Ω‚Äù diameter, and six each ¬º‚Äù diameter spaced circular cutouts allow bolting to heads, lumber, beams, set walls, or rod pass through.
  • Two slots at hinge end fit red hook and loop straps for cable management and organization
  • Low profile design folds down flat to remain on the monitor for the next location.
  • Fits 75mm and 100mm VESA mounts


  • Machined out of a single sheet of 1/8‚Äù thick steel
  • Clear zinc coating on outer side, black powder coating on mount side
  • Weight: 16.9 oz
  • 7‚Äù x 4.6‚Äù, with folded depth of 1.4‚Äù and open depth of 5.75‚Äù

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