MICROGrip by Matthews is being introduced as the newest line of grip and mounting products developed especially for the motion picture, television and photographic production industries. This broad range of products has been developed around the MICROGrip head with only a 1.25" (32mm) diameter and tapped 3/8" rods of various lengths.

MICROGrip is great in the studio for table top and product imaging as well as miniature work. The micro-griphead allows all of the moves and features of its bigger 2-1/2" counterpart but in a smaller package. Accessories to the MICROGrip head include various lengths of 3/8" rods, weighted bases for increased stability, clips to hold props and objects, and micro shot bags plus a wide variety of micro scrims and flags.

The creative professional image maker will discover many uses and applications for MICROGrip that will allow them to quickly expand their creativity with more satisfying results.

MICROGrip - It's Matthews smallest endeavor ever!

Master Kit PN 350612
2ea Bases
1ea Pin & 1ea Clip
6ea MICROGrip Heads
2ea4", 6", 8", 12" & 20" Rods
2ea MICRO Shot Bags
1ea Carrying Case

Basic Kit PN 350611
1ea Base
2ea MICROGrip Heads
1ea 8", 12", & 20" Rods
1 MICRO Shot Bag

Accessory Kit PN 350613
2ea MICROGrip Heads
1ea Hot Shoe Adapter
1ea Knurled Knob
1ea 4" & 6" Rods w/buttons in one end
threaded in the other
1ea 8" & 12" Rods w/buttons in both ends

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