Mafer Accessories


Swivel Snap-In: Allows two Super Mafers to be connected so that one can swivel. Often used to support Microphone Fish poles or Matthpoles. Part # 209635, weighs .25lbs.

Snap-In Grip Head: A 2-1/2" Grip Head with snap-in pin attached. Part # 540015, weighs 1.25lbs.

Right Angle Snap-In Grip Head: A 2-1/2" Grip Head with a right angle snap-in pin attached. Part # 209636, weighs 1.25lbs.

Mounting Plate 4"x4" Snap-In: A 4"x4" plate with mounting holes in each corner and a snap-in pin welded to it. Useful for mounting signs or small platforms with Super Mafer Clamps. Part # 209638, weighs .50lbs.

Offset Arm Snap-In: The Offset arm has two snap-in pins in opposite directions so that the arm can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position when mounted in a Super Mafer Clamp. It also features two 5/8" pins. Part # 209639, weighs 1.25lbs.

Weld On Snap-In: Raw steel (not plated) for welding onto...whatever! To be mounted into a Super Mafer Clamp. Part # 209640, weighs .25lbs.

Hollywood SuperFlex Arm: Totally redesigned to be the only Articulated Arm that locks firmly enough to be able to hold a small light fixture securely. The serrated ball joints and the redesigned end receiver are all part of Matthews Magic. The end receiver is a 5/8" Baby Pin on the outside and will accept the standard Dot, Finger or Flex Frame pin on the inside; and is tapped 3/8-16 internally to receive other camera accessories. Available only in the snap-in version for use with Super Mafer clamp. Part # 540001, weighs 1.5lbs.

TVMP Snap-In: Ideal for mounting small lighting fixtures. Replaces C-Clamp to allow it to mount into a Super Mafer. Part # 429493, weighs .25lbs.

Snap-In Pins: For mounting of lighting fixtures. Matthews offers three different sizes to fit most motion picture and still photographic instruments. 5/8", 1/2" and 3/8".

PN Description PN
209635 Swivel Snap-In $13.00
540015 Snap-In Stem Head $69.00
209636 Right Angle Snap-In Grip Head $53.00
209638 Mounting Plate 4”x4” Snap-In $33.00
209639 Offset Arm Snap-In $41.00
209640 Weld On Snap-In $8.00
540001 Hollywood Superflex Arm $130.00
B209642 Swivel U-Hook Snap-In $19.00
429493 TVMP Snap-In $19.00
209637 1/2” Pin Snap-In $19.00
209633 3/8” Pin Snap-In $13.00
209632 5/8” Pin Snap-In $11.00
209641 Right Angle Snap-In $26.00
18069-22 Snap-In 1/4”-20 $19.00
209653 Snap-In 3/8”-16 $19.00

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