Matthews Slider

Matthews Slider



A favorite of camera operators, sound techs and grips alike, Matthews' Sliders feature solid construction, modular versatility, and ultra-smooth and silent moves. Proprietary oversized roller wheels offer silky motion regardless of load or speed. Add to that, intuitive, two-screw adjustability and do-it-yourself field servicing and you've got a trusted set essential since 2014. And now, there's a new accessory, the Steady Rest.

Choose 29", 35", or 45" Sliders: These Sliders deliver more than just smooth camera movement to virtually any gearhead/fluidhead camera combo. They add stability in otherwise challenging lock-off positions. They get the camera over a ledge or windowsill without damage or harming talent below. They extend reach, providing offset mounting for the included rotating Mitchell swivel base that's useful for tabletop, car interiors and other situations.

The Matthews-Slider comes in four basic sizes: 29", 35", 45" and 70" (74cm, 89cm,114cm and 178cm) and is also available in many custom lengths in 4.75" (12cm) increments between cross members up to 12' (366cm). Each foot/track adds approximately 3lbs (1.4kg).

Each Matthews Slider includes a Mitchell swivel base, carriage, and 2" riser, in addition to leveling legs, extra 3/8-16" screws and hardware.

Matthews Slider Features:

  • Three sizes: 29", 35", 45" (74cm/89cm/114cm)
  • Oversized easy to maintain rollers (with a cloth & water)
  • Wheels adjust up/down, in/out with turn of a screw
  • No magnets: Easily adjustable rubber bumper cushion each end
  • No reach over: Dual side controls for friction and lock off break
  • 360-degree turret with locks that may be offset
  • Dozens of 3/8-16 rigging holes
  • Positive lock at 90-degrees

Matthews Slider | Matthews Studio Equipment from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.