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They say “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”. We at Matthews beg to differ. To us, fences are to keep away, to keep out. That’s not what we’re all about. We’re about relationships and the free flow of ideas and support (and we don’t always mean support equipment!). A couple of buildings down (well, from our “old” building – soon to be a couple of blocks) is one of the hottest companies in the industry today – Cameron|Pace. We’ve known Vince Pace for years and have recently made friends with his partner James Cameron.

MSE has been supplying Cameron|Pace with all sorts of items for use in the studio and their assembly area for years. It’s been easy. Vince gets an idea (and he’s always getting a great idea) and someone from his company wanders over and our equipment wanders back.

Recently, the new Cameron|Pace began to grow and one of the things that has appeared is their “sandbox” – a small stage where DPs and others can come and play with CPs 3D rigs and equipment. When they told us about this cool new “room”, they asked us for help rigging it for friendly use. We’ve put in a truss as well as floor stands and everything else they needed. That’s what good neighbors do. They help! We have even heard that our Micro Grip equipment went with James Cameron’s team when he made his record dive on the Marianas Trench. We don’t know if it was on the submersible or not…It’s a question we keep forgetting to ask.

One day, one of the C|P people was in our lobby and saw this “cool” coffee table that Ed Phillips designed out of Grip Heads, Gobo Arms, Old-style Track Wheels and Dolly track – all supporting a glass top with our logo. Now, you have to understand, this is a one-of-a-kind. Okay, it’s one of two – the other is in the Executive Conference Room at Local 80. Well, Ed Phillips is known to be generous – and he does love to create and surprise people. So he took that comment to heart.

If you have a chance to visit Cameron|Pace, check out their main lobby and their cool table. – The count is now one-of-three!

That’s what friends do – they support and surprise each other

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