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Cine Equipment is one of those inspiring success stories. “We began as a small potatoes company in Singapore and now, almost 18 years later, we’ve got offices in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Melbourne Australia, Bangkok Thailand and Manila Philippines,” says Tng Siew Moi, the petite driving force behind the company. “She’s a dynamo in a small package!,” says MSE’s Bob Kulesh. “She’s the face of one of the strongest equipment suppliers in this market – popping up everywhere, including on the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.”

A self-proclaimed workaholic, she admits she knew nothing about the ‘business’ when she started in 1983, but saw a need. And made it her mission to bring only “A-list vendors to our clients,” she adds adamantly. Siew Moi told readers of BroadcastAsia2013 Show Daily that, “this year, we have decided to forge a stronger working relationship with MSE to promote their lighting grips and accessories in all markets we serve. It was because of the wide variety of stands to support lighting fixtures, overhead fabrics and other devices to suit all sorts of applications.

“Everyone loves Matthews in Asia,” she adds. “They are definitely an A-list vendor, so I always make sure our clients only buy MSE gear in order to be on the same ranking in the world, with the best and correct gear available. At one time, it was only dollies. However, now that we’ve severed our relationship with another vendor, it’s MSE all the way. When we got our first batch of stock, we realized the quality of Matthews Equipment – they simply outshine other brands. It’s more than the equipment,” she continues. “It’s also the people and the way they support us. Robert Kulesh has been a great help in finding us what we need and getting the equipment to us in a timely manner. We’re waiting for a large order of lighting stands and grips to reach us – and already most of the pieces are sold or booked!”

“She’s done a great job with our specialty items,” says Kulesh. “Doorway Dollies, Tracks, FloatCam’s HD+DC-Sliders are in major rental houses in this key market – taking most of them to ‘all MSE’ gear. The recent decision to make Matthews CE’s sole supplier of grip equipment, lighting stands, lighting control systems, camera support and over 1400 MSE industry specialized production tools and specialized hardware will open the door to all of CE’s clients throughout the area and allow them to have the entire range of MSE products in stock – all the time!”

Kulesh says one of the things that makes CE such a strong presence in the SE Asia market is their in-depth knowledge of the products offered by the company. “Siew Moi makes sure that their staff is well-trained to present the products offered, and they respond to questions regarding product specifications and performance,” he explains. “It’s good to know that, as we grow our relationship 300 to 400 percent over the next year, CE’s customers can buy our products, knowing that they will not only get the cutting-edge of technology, but the support they count on behind each piece, whether it’s a C-stand or our high-end pieces like LazySuzy, FloatCam or anything else Siew Moi brings to her market.”

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