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When Brad Shapiro was a DP, he’d walk onto a set and almost cringe when he saw what he called a ‘gypsy’ look. “40 different C-Stands of different quality,” he tells us.

Now that he’s a lighting rental house owner, he holds Location Lighting Limited to a higher standard. “That’s why we carry all Matthews gear,” he says.

“We build our trucks to hold the majority of equipment on cars, limited interior shelving for track, frames, ladders and rags so the trucks are quick to unload or wrap,” he explains. “Take the 5-ton Grip Truck we recently used when shooting a commercial for Dorney Park, an amusement park in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“Matthews Roller Stands hang on the doors. The right side interior rack has Matthews Frames with the distinctive orange Hollywood corners showing. The carts have a load of Matthews C-Stands and Combo Stands. And, that cart is full of uniform, late model C-Stands – gives us great quality and the first-class look we like for our gear.

“Grips will never complain, if you are supplying MSE gear in good shape. It’s simply the standard of the industry!”


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