Mann Gets a Grip on Matthews with Complicated Things on YouTube

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You might say hosting his own YouTube show, Complicated Things, is Mark Mann's second job. The Glasgow-born photographer has been shooting iconic portraits of countless celebrities from Presidents to filmstars to pop icons that don the pages and screens of popular media worldwide. Based in New York City he's also accrued a thick advertising portfolio representing Madison Avenue brands that know he'll support their A-list image.

Why Complicated Things?

He'll be the first to tell you, "It came about by receiving good questions in response to my Instagram posts about my process—people asked how do I do things and why? I had never thought about it—as a freelancer we worry about how to pay the rent. But the pandemic made me think about my work in a new way."

The Humble C-Stand 

Mann's engaging down-to-earth personality sheds light on the fundamental tools that are essential in creating his work. Like the Matthews C-Stands. "Matthews has always been in every proper photo studio I work in. You rent gear it's Matthews. Until I bought gear for our channel I didn't realize there were alternatives. First we bought cheaper stands but after seeing them, I said, I want Matthews!"

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The Magic that is the Magic Stand

"Man, I love wheels", Mann says as he slides over the floor on the 3-wheeled Magic Stand. "Meet my new favorite piece of grip... Its like a C-stand on major steroids. If I am going to own something it has to do more than one thing and this does so much! From the Magic Finger to the its 12.5' reach, to its boom capacity, its just brilliant. "

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Matthews Factory Tour & What the Grip

Matthews resident Key Grip Grip Martin Torner takes Mark Mann on a rare through-the-front door glimpse of Matthews' Burbank factory from the raw materials, through the machine shop and to the showroom.

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