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When it comes to supporting production communities in Mexico, Teletec is the name many shooters call on. With a main office in Naucalpan Edo, outside the metropolitan area of Mexico City as well as Laredo, Texas, Peru and Brazil, they cover every sort of project. “Some of our biggest clients are part of television production, television stations and Universities,” explains Joaquin Avila, Sales Manager Broadcast. “Our equipment is always available at Tecnologico de Monterrey en sus Campus; Estado de Mexico, Toluca, Guadaljara, Puebla as well as Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Universidad de las Americas and many other campuses.

“We also service post-production and production houses like Televisa, TV Azteca, and all the government television stations in the Mexican Republic.”

That’s a lot of support – and a lot of equipment needed. “And most everything we supply is from Matthews,” he adds. “They are quite simply the industry standard.”

The relationship between MSE and Teletec started over 25 years ago, when company president Didier Alexander met Ed Phillips and found that Matthews equipment and the Company’s philosophy met his needs. “The first order was MSE’s staple – the Century stands and accessories,” he explains. “And it just naturally grew from there. Today, we carry all of MSE’s range of products. We’ve got MAX out in several locations and we are really anxious to get the new HD DC-Slider from Floatcam and the new SkyScrapers.

“It almost doesn’t matter what MSE comes up with,” he continues. “We’ll want it. This is a company that knows what the industry needs – and supplies it. We never have to ask – when there is a need, we always know Matthews will be there to fill it.”

Recently, one of the biggest needs Matthews has filled is to outfit a large lighting truck for TV Azteca’s Novelas (soap operas). “TV Azteca is one of the most important producers of Novelas, which are exported world wide,” Avila adds. “The programs are shot at Studios Americas, a large seven stage facility in Mexico City.

“The truck carried a complete line of MSE equipment: stands and accessories, hardware, lighting control, diffusion, wood products, dollies and track. Having Matthews equipment in high profile, pressured shooting situations like this simply makes it so much easier to set reflectors, control lights, and move quickly on a busy set!”

Teletec’s ability to handle large set-ups such as this has caught the attention of yet another television studio, and Teletec is completing a proposal to outfit it – “with Matthews Studio Equipment,” of course, laughs Avila.

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