Another Ed Phillips Game Changer, Circa 1998

Valerie Taylor |

Magic Finger

Ed’s simply smart design for Magic Finger has made it one of the most popular grip accessories of all time. No wonder. This hefty little device is machined from a solid piece of steel—making it the safest product of its kind. A 5/8" pin attached to its ball joint pivots from -15° to +90° while the collar rotates 360°. An all-axis lock fastens positively with one locking handle and the knurled baby pin ensures that the item mounted stays put. The stand mount offers a 1-1/8" OD to fit a Junior Receiver, while the inside is bored to fit on a 5/8" pin. Even its adjustable ratcheting handle keeps it out of the way for trouble-free operation. And Magic Finger is a great partner for Lightbridge CRLS C-Reflectors.

Magic Stand

So versatile you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Magic Stand fits so many uses it’s practically magic. Its a regular rolling light stand, a high rolling light stand, or a two-section light boom with its own rolling stand. Wherever a light fixture needs to go - this stand can do it all! With a standard 1-1/8" Junior Pin at the bottom, the Magic Stand riser can be added to the Combo Stand as a extension or inverted to hang from a C-Clamp into the set. The top riser incorporates Magic Finger – the industry’s most popular grip accessory.