Posi-V-Lock: for a better BITE on your Gear

Valerie Taylor |

In 1994 Ed Phillips once again revolutionized the grip world by redesigning how things fit. Starting with the 4.5” grip head, a ‘V’ cut was added, replacing the original spherical slots—resulting in substantially better gripping power. Called “Posi-V-Lock”, the new design created a better bite on arms, flags, and scrims, which provided a much safer environment on set.

And now—this lasting innovation has been incorporated into every 5/8” and 3/8” grip head the company makes! Matthews takes pride in manufacturing the strongest grip heads in the business and has added Mini and Micro Grip Heads for smaller applications. But the technological principle has gone way beyond grip heads. Matthews now offers dozens of production tools—stands, adapters, wall plates, mounts, arms—that incorporate the secure Posi-V-Lock system.

Take Matthews Brake Pads for example. A huge contributor to the brand’s secure-lock breaks is that they too are angled in a V-shape increasing their capturing capacity by securing risers with two contact points on each pad. These are the innovations that raise MSE gear above the competition, ensuring safety and maximizing performance.

Combo Head

Jr Wall Plate

Griphead Plates