Meet Umberto Sanchez of UMPEQ in Mexico City

Valerie Taylor |

UMPEQ is a leading goods and services supplier of professional technology for cinema, television, still photography and professional video. With an eye on innovation UMPEQ prides itself on representing high performance products that suit their clients needs.

What is your role at UMPEQ and what is one thing people should know about you?
I am the CCO- Chief Communications Officer, the person who takes care of the communication inside and outside the company. As the link between Matthews and my company it is my job to let UMPEQ customers understand how Matthews’ products work.

What types of productions does your company provide support and service for?
We work with our customers on all kinds of productions providing sales, rental and service. So if anyone working with TV stations, rental houses, movies, series, commercials, or documentaries needs to know anything about Matthews—we help them.

What geographic locations does UMPEQ service?
We specialize in Mexico City but we work all over Mexico.

What convinced you to sell Matthews equipment?
Years ago, my father started in this business renting lighting for film productions. We started off using different equipment for rigging and lights, but one day an American photographer talked to us about Matthews and since that day, we have never worked with another brand. Of course we know the quality of Matthews products, because we use it. So now we sell Matthews because we want to share the same quality we use.

Are there any similarities shared by UMPEQ and Matthews?
I think we have similarities, first because we are both family companies. As I said before, my father started the business and now we work together on the goals for the company. Secondly we are both companies that always think about the final user; how we can make their jobs easier in this industry that we love. Finally, we both believe in having fun in all that we do. So that makes hard work or a hard situation, easier.

How did you start working with Matthews? Can you share the experience?
My father started a relationship with Ed Phillips and his associate many years ago. Then Edmundo Gonzales, who is a fluent Spanish speaker, has made it very easy to understand Matthews’ vision. Recently I have been happy to meet Tyler, my American brother, because I want to continue working next to him to help keep Matthews number one in this industry.

What are the most popular grip items that you sell or rent?
It is easy to answer that question. The most popular is C-Stands—the equipment that you never forget in production. Of course there is also more equipment: Matthellinis, Mafer Clamp, Combos, etc.

Who do you work with at MSE—can you tell us about that relationship?
My sales contact is Edmundo Gonzalez, a great guy who always helps me with all we need. He answers any question quickly with great understanding. Last year I met Martin Torner, a very humorous guy. He has a lot of experience in grip so he knows well how the equipment works.

Is there anything else you would like to add about UMPEQ or MSE?
We are very happy to work with this awesome company. I think the way they work is unique. They give us the feeling that we are part of the Matthews family, so we look forward to continuing our working together. We are thankful for all of their support.